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Taken April 20th


Cape Cod Canal                Bourne Bridge             Cape Cod Mouth           Colin & Steve w/Scarf

Taken April 26th


    Kathy & Bob                  Kathy (Scarf)& Pat         Tri-town Chamber

Taken April 28th   -    King Aviation of Mansfield MA.                        Taken May 2nd


              Roger Lee  & Dave Dinneen                                                     The infamous Scarf

  (Chief Pilot) & (President & Mansfield Airport Manager)

  Fun Photos


  My Flying Buddies                 Boston                            Logan Airport                  Blue Angels over Niagara Falls

   (Dakota & Domino)

   More Photos


        Cockpit View      Mansfield Tweeter     Norton, MA         Just Off Mansfield Airport

                           Center                                       Left Downwind To 32

May 13, 2006                              My Plane                                                 Flying with the Webmaster     


  Falmouth Air Park Meeting      Front Panel of My Dakota        Montgomery NY Airport     Another Plane Flying Low

    Russian Mig @ Montgomery     May 20, 2006   Flying with the big boys            


   Can you guess the other                           Norwood, MA                     

     plane in the hanger?                    out on the ramp you never know what you will find.              

May 27- 30                    Meeting Janet to prepare for the air race                                 


              Hudson River Area                           Lancaster, PA        


    Janet & plane she learned to Fly    Janet & Her Girls       Hot Air Balloon         Jeremy @ Mansfield Airport

                                                                                                                       fueling my bird

                                                On my way to York, PA June 11, 2006


New Picture of the SCARF      Providence RI        New Haven CT         Teterboro, NJ   

                                               Side Bar                                                                           


Pagoda Reading PA Thanks      My 1st plane Cherokee 140E     Thanks for the help Guys    Bag made by Judy. To Purchase

to Reading Tower I Found it                                                                                       E-mail me

Heading to MESA AZ                                                                                  


Pennsylvania Hills        Wheeling W Va         Somewhere in Ohio   In Zanesville, OH       Mississippi River