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The Flying Nonny's Adventures Continue 


Sept 28, 2006


So many people have asked me to continue writing stories about my flying adventures, so here is another spectacular adventure.


What a day!  We started early with Colin making a wake-up call at 6:00 AM.  Tom & I met Colin at the airport; flight service had said that many planes where already on there way to our destination.  So, Colin, Tom and I wanted to make our flight to Nantucket, MA early before all the other planes arrived from the various locations.  Later in the day it would be quite congested, because of the Blue Angels Air Show.  
The last time the Blue Angels tried to fly Nantucket, they where rained out, but this time the weather was phenomenal.   


We arrived early, around 7:30 AM, the airport was to schedule to close at 10:00 AM, and it was amazing that over 300 planes arrived after us.  The area became a no fly zone within 5 NM and up to 15,000 feet after 10:00.


I am so glad I am able to fly to various locations to see things like this event.  The Blue Angels, (Navy), are some of the most incredible pilots in the world. Boy, if I was younger I would learn to fly those planes, or something like them.  


The sounds, maneuvers and sight of these planes were incredible.  The skill that is involved was more than incredible.  More photos of this event will be posted on The Flying Nonny site shortly. 


Patty Wagstaff was there as well, she is the 1st woman acrobatic pilot in the country to be recognized at the Smithsonian.  Maybe we can get her here in Mansfield for the Air Race Classic in 2008 in Mansfield, MA.  I will make a note to give that one heck of a try. 

It was also quite a feat after the show for the many planes to depart the airport, funny thing we all where heading North.  Imagine that.  The Air Traffic Controllers in Nantucket did a great job getting us all out of the airport and Betsy did a great job in her public relations regarding this show in Nantucket. Thanks Betsy it was pleasure meeting you.


My next adventure was a flight around the Grand Canyon, what a trip that was.  Tune in next time for photos and a thrill of flying that area and remember we are having our own piece of history here in Mansfield in June of 2008.  You can get more information on the following sites www.MansfieldAirRaceclassic2008.org and www.theflyngnonny.com.  I will be continuing flying stories of more flying adventures in the Mansfield News periodically.   I would love to hear from all you all, so drop me a note.   God Bless  Kathy McDonald


Dec 1, 2006

The newest and latest announcement of the next year’s adventures will be a trip to Alaska.

The adventure will start May of 2007 and my co-pilot will be Sandy St John.  Sandy is from Dallas, TX.  So, Massachusetts and Dallas, TX .will join to fly this and the 2008 Mansfield Air Race together. Together, we will be doing extensive planning and preparations for the cross-country trip. The Alaska trip will bring Sandy & me over the northwest portion of the USA and Canada.

We have currently decided to leave Mansfield, MA after Sandy flies her Bonanza in from Texas.  From there we will be taking the short cut through Canada via Albany, Buffalo, NY.  From there we will spend a night in Michigan, the area to be determined before continuing on to Mackinaw Island, MI. 

We are still working out the details and waiting for more information from various sources.  We have been concerned with the legal, survival and Canadian requirements. So, we are researching equipment requirements, survival gear and what charts are required in Canada.  The plane has a radio license and as the pilot I am required also.

So, that is covered. 

Sandy & I are also determining if the rear seats should be taken out to allow for more room and a little more weight allowed to be carried.  I am not sure currently of what the seats weigh and any requirements restricting this. 

Well so far so good.  So many people are helping with their information, since they traveled there.  The Experimental Aviation group traveled last year with 12 other planes. So, they have some extra information that a few pilots put together that we will be able to use.

From what I understand the survival package for two people weighs 34 lbs and contains all the necessary equipment that Canada requires while crossing their area. This package includes food to last at least 2 weeks if the plane should go down within their area.  I guess that is how long it would take them to find the plane.  Some people are recommending that we use a different type of locator for that reason. There is a NARCO or the 406 MHz ELT.  The 406 MHz ELT will be required on all planes in 2 years.   It is a GPS locator. 

 This trip is getting interesting.  There are so many things to consider when you depart US airspace thru Canada and a return through customs to the US.  Each has a specific port of entry.

 Well stay tuned as we plan more of this new adventure.