Click here to see the panel of my plane. It is a fully IFR rated panel.  All instruments are current and the plane has a static check current.  I have all required equipment and then some.
My last annual was 11/05. 
I have a 430 Garmin coupled to my 2 axis auto pilot with HSI.    
The added VOR, with an ADF and stormscope.  Plus a backup Loran System and a hand held GPS 195 Garmin as well. There is a hand held mike as back up on the floor, (I hopefully will add a wired push to talk on the right yoke before I leave).  The system is a Sigtronics integrated intercom system.
I have an electrical backup to attitude indicator on the left of the panel.
My plane is a really nice IFR platform.  No, she is NOT FOR SALE!