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This is the Mesa, Arizona to Menominee, MI. Air Race 2006.

               This will be my 5th air race and Janet F. of York, PA 1st who will be flying with me. 

        I met Janet while enroute to my 4th Air Race in 2004.  I had stopped by in Lock Haven, PA (Birthplace of the Piper Airplane) to visit the Sentimental Journey Cub plane fly in.  This is put on by a great group of people affiliated with the Piper Memorial Museum. www.sentimentaljourneyfly-in.com   To find more information about Piper's, which by the way is the type of plane we will be flying check out: www.pipermuseum.com The Piper AirPlane company then moved to the Vero Beach Florida area. www.newpiper.com

      When I met Janet, at the 2004 Sentimental Journey, with her husband Jim. We talked constantly about flying and how much fun it is.  Of course, I told her how much fun it is to fly in the Women's Air Races,  and even told her if she learned to fly, I would fly with her in an Air Race.  So, in short, she learned to fly and we are now going to be flying this years Air Race 2006 together.  I am very proud of Janet, she took on such a wonderful challenge and set a goal to join the small group of women that fly this country.  Congratulations!!

       Our Air Race will start with me departing Mansfield, MA towards the middle of June of 2006.  From there I will pick up Janet in her hometown, York, PA, and we will complete any pre-flight planning we will need to make the trip to Mesa, AZ.  This will entail all the weather, chart and general decisions of planning our route to Mesa, AZ.  We will decide which states we will spend the night in and since we must be in Mesa on the 18th of June, we will be busy. Once there our plane will be checked out for all updates, required paperwork and general equipment. From there the planes will be impounded until our departure on June 20th.  We have been assigned #9, so we will be the 9th plane off the start line.  Don't forget to check the Air Race site for our route. www.airraceclassic.org

      The first part of our trip will be to Santa Teresa, NM just outside El Paso, Texas, and since Texas is so big we will be making two more stops before we make it into LA. From there we will be flying up the middle of the US until Albert Lee, MN, from there we will make our final stop in Menominee, MI. It will be over 2500nm in 4 days.

      The Air Race will end in Menominee, MI and all the festivities will begin for 3 days.  The celebration of the winners, sight-seeing and saying good-bye to our new friends until next year.  From there I will be continuing my flight to Mackinaw Island, MI and I will be hop-skipping to different locations across this country.  I will be flying around for close to a month or more.  Look out USA here I come.

      Along the route after the race, I will be stopping in to see my old friends in Eveleth, MN.  Lots of memories there, this is the place where I lost my starter and my engine in 2004.  Everyone there was nice enough to house my baby for 3 months while in for repairs. Huron, SD is where I lost my alternator in 2004, will be stopping there. Some of the other stops will include Fargo, North Dakota, Billings, Montana and Sioux City, IA.

                            So, you will have to stay tuned for where ever my little bird will take Janet & I.

     Lots of wonderful information will be available

             Look for all kinds of information about the Mansfield Air Race Classic 2008.

 Mansfield, MA is about to make Aviation History.


So hold on to your hats, Janet & I will be taking photos and logging all kinds of fun information about our flying adventures across this beautiful country in this wonderful air race. We also will be looking forward to hearing from you.


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